I have a new site, part II



I have a new website, mkhajdin.com, but for some reason it’s not turning up when I google myself.  Instead, I get my Twitter and this blog!   So once again, in case you got here by googling “M.K. Hajdin”, or even “MK Hajdin” as they prefer in the UK (what is it with their dislike of periods?  Anyway) that link will take you straight to my new site, where my artworks are all a lot bigger.  Go there.

If you’re just here for my feminist posts or Clyfford Still, you’re fine.

How to buy inexpensive abstract art

I wrote a blog post for my main site about how to understand the pricing range of inexpensive art.  I define “inexpensive” in the art world as ranging from $25 – $3000, and I explain what you are likely to find at each price point, along with examples of artworks you can buy and sites where you can find more artworks for similar prices.

Just click my link below:

How to buy cheap abstract art

Mostly works for representational art too.