Why 50 Shades Is Not Harmless Fun


Someone on my Twitter is insisting that 50 Shades of Eroticized Abuse is just “a bit of fun” and “harmless mommyporn”.     I’ve said before that some of the worst misogynists out there are lefty liberal dudes who seem to care about every marginalized group there is except women, and these kind of comments prove it again and again.

“There are few people on the left who grasp the immense danger of allowing pornography to replace intimacy, sex and love. Much of the left believes that pornography is about free speech, as if it is unacceptable to financially exploit and physically abuse a woman in a sweatshop in China but acceptable to do so on the set of a porn film, as if torture is wrong in Abu Ghraib, where prisoners were sexually humiliated and abused as if they were on a porn set, but permissible on commercial porn sites. ”

Chris Hedges, “Pornography Is What The End of the World Looks Like“.



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