Feminism: Some men do get it


The only reason a man would feel threatened by feminism is if he enjoys his power and privilege and doesn’t want it questioned.  And it’s clear that a lot of men do.  But that’s the default setting in a misogynistic society, and there are men out there who question the default settings.  They are relatively few, but they do exist.  These men are also tired of having to participate in a system of toxic masculinity that harms them and robs them of empathy.

What I’d like men to understand is that women, even radical feminists, are not trying to set up a gynarchy.  Men fear that women will do to them what they’ve done to women for centuries.   But that’s not what we want.  We want to put an end to ALL hierarchies and create a world where nobody has power or privilege over anybody else.  That is true equality.