On “sealioning”

Poor sea lions. They didn’t ask for this internet meme.

When you ask a question in bad faith, you are essentially looking for a way to demean, degrade, or otherwise destroy your target. A good example of an obviously bad faith question is the perennial favorite “When did you stop beating your wife?” as it instantly casts doubt upon the person asked the question.

However, it’s easy to ask a question in bad faith using reasoned, good faith practices. Neutral phrasing does not always guarantee a question is asked in good faith. This is extremely obvious in documented sealioning; the target responds, only for the questioner to immediately grill them for more information, misinterpret the answer, or dismiss it entirely.

The purpose of sealioning never to actually learn or become more informed. The purpose is to interrogate. Much like actual interrogators, sealioners bombard the target with question after question, digging and digging until the target either says something stupid or is so pissed off that they react in the extreme.

— Tegiminis, Why Sealioning is Bad

This is a favorite tactic of MRA trolls.  It’s not any woman’s responsibility to educate men about how and why women are oppressed in this culture.  It is the responsibility of men to educate themselves, and not at MRA sites.

Hint:  if a site claims patriarchy is a “conspiracy“, it’s an MRA site.


2 thoughts on “On “sealioning”

  1. Sealions are cool, MRAs are trash. They have the tactic of putting women on the defensive, back-footing us, until, as you said, we slip up in some tiny way. This is usually because of sheer exhaustion and confusion after their onslaught tactics. You’re right, it’s better not to waste our precious gynergy on them.

    (Sorry to basically repeat your post, but this struck a nerve.)

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