On rape culture


I read some comment somewhere where a dude was saying that rape culture didn’t really exist just because women are raped in this culture.  According to the dude, it’s like getting your car stolen and calling it a car-theft culture.

That analogy doesn’t work at all because one is a crime against property while the other is a crime against a person.  If a man were walking down the street and got assaulted, and then said “We’re living in a violent culture,” he would be right.  We do live in a culture that glamorizes violence, a culture where violence is built into the system.  So is sexual violence, except that the majority of sexual violence is done to women (and children) and men just don’t want to care, much less contribute to a solution.  So they’ll search for any straw they can grasp to avoid feeling empathy for women and go on enjoying rape culture guilt-free.

The fact that men equate rape with car theft says a lot about them.  Specifically it says that to them, women are objects to be owned.

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