3 thoughts on “Why women can’t be “just as sexist as men”

  1. Exactly! It really annoys me when people, nearly always disingenuously, try this argument (i.e. ‘women can be sexist too’). ‘Power’ (cultural, economic etc…) is absolutely key…

    • One of my ex-friend W.’s favorite arguments, he would repeat it over and over as if repetition made it true. I know he’s stalking my blog, so hopefully he can educate himself while doing so.

  2. Can’t be said too often. Phrasing I use often is “it is impossible, by definition, for members of an oppressed group to act from a position of privilege towards members of the oppressing group.” Claims of reverse sexism and reverse racism are attempts to promote false equivalences and erase the lived experience of being a member of an oppressed group.

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