Chisinau and a mini-rant

My site is apparently coming up in searches about Chisinau.  People, I was in Chisinau once and didn’t like it.  My site is not useful for anyone seeking serious information about it.  Kindly refrain from clogging my moderation queue with your complaints that I am not an encylopedic fount running o’er with information about the capital city of Moldova, or that I didn’t write about it in that fake jaunty way so beloved of tourist brochures.  I’m not selling anything and I don’t have to write promotional copy about the places I visit.

If you don’t like it, feel free to start your own blog.

One thought on “Chisinau and a mini-rant

  1. Seriously, trolls. You’re capable of reading my terrible terrible comments on Chisinau but are not capable of reading “I have one rule for my blog: don’t be an asshole”? Or do you think “asshole” applies to everyone but you?

    I don’t approve abusive comments. Period. I’m not obligated to give anyone a platform, particularly to people who insult me.

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