Quote of the day: Misogyny and the internet

There is also an increasingly accepted fallacy, a cousin to “don’t read the comments”, if you will, that it’s just “how the Internet is.” That abuse against historically marginalized groups should be accepted, because, hey, everybody is abused equally here (a categorically untrue assessment, but there are many who genuinely believe it.) That in order to earn the right to use the internet one must first bathe in the fires of sexism, racism, or misogyny and come out unscathed, because “that’s how the Internet is” and to brave the Internet is to implicitly accept this agreement. To challenge it is to deny the Internet’s Internet-ness, its infallible status quo.

— Lindsay Ellis, “Don’t Read the Comments


I am reminded of ex-friend W. who tried to defend his love of racist, misogynist, homophobic jokes by insisting he laughed at everyone equally, so he was being fair.  Um, no.  It doesn’t work that way.

On man-hating


via Exposing Men’s Rights Activism


Feminists accused of man-hating aren’t running around killing men.

Also remember that hatred is a valid reaction to oppression.

(To the MRAs pretending men are oppressed who wish to jump on that one to justify their own misogyny:  take a seat.  You’re not oppressed by women.  Have a nice day.)