“Screaming banshee feminist”


To whoever got to my blog by entering the search terms “screaming banshee feminist” into a search engine, welcome!

I’m proud to be a Screaming Banshee Feminist!  Here’s why:

Justice for women will not be achieved by acting the way men want us to act or the way we’ve been conditioned all our lives to act.   Generations of women who came before us already tried the whole sucking-up-to-men thing and it didn’t get them anywhere.  Those of us who got up and started screaming, got us the vote and the right to abortion.  That’s all great and everything, but there’s still a whole male-supremacist system that needs dismantling like yesterday so that we can all be free (yes, even men!) so we women still have plenty to shout about.  And we’ll continue to do so.

If someone ever got to my blog by searching for “demure, submissive, ladylike feminist”, I’d wonder what I was doing wrong. Thanks for letting me know I’m right on track!

Oh, and before you leave any misogynist slurs/death threats in my comments section, please note that I don’t allow assholes on my blog.   I will chuckle at your puerile attempts to intimidate me and then I will send your comments to the trash bin.

Have a nice day!


14 thoughts on ““Screaming banshee feminist”

  1. hahaha that’s amazing, wonderful even

    someone found my blog with this a couple days ago

    ‘picnic bublic fack pic’

    I am honored, really.

  2. The mere fact that you prevent the predictable deluge of misogynist slurs/death threats from being shown in the comment sections makes this blog all the more enjoyable. The content itself is great too! As is the artwork 🙂
    Glad I found your page.

  3. Wow, that’s so funny! It’s always interesting to see the random search terms that lead people to our blogs.

    It does frustrate me that some people call feminists who voice their opinions “bitchy” or “whiny.” It’s as if they’re saying, “You have enough rights. No shut up and be a good girl who does what society tells her.” Yet when a man is vocal, he’s viewed as “assertive” and “strong.” Double standard much?

    Great to see awesome feminists speaking their minds and screaming like banshees! 😉

    • This post has really struck a nerve, it seems. So many people are commenting.

      What gets me especially is when people accuse feminists of being “victims” or “victimizing themselves”. Pointing out oppression does not equal causing that oppression.

      • I’ve never understood that argument either. So if, for example, a woman gets raped, is she not allowed to speak up about it because, according to anti-feminists, the woman would be “victimizing” herself? That’s a pretty extreme example, but I just don’t get why they think pointing out injustices is “playing the victim.” I mean, is that what they thought during the civil rights movement?

      • I think it’s a willful determination to remain ignorant of injustice plus hatred and blame for the people who are hurt by it. They have to blame victims, otherwise they’d feel bad about what happens to victims. But if it’s the victim’s fault, or oppressed people are just oppressing themselves, then more privileged people don’t have to feel any discomfort or empathy.

      • That’s a good point, and it makes perfect sense. When they blame the victims, it gives them a sense of comfort because they feel like there aren’t injustices or problems in the world. It helps them sleep at night. And combined with their ignorance and hatred, it’s easier for them to blame the victims.

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