10 Reasons To Kill Your Television

Banksy.  [Source]

Banksy. [Source]

I hate TV, and watch it only rarely, so on a lark I just googled “People Who Watch Too Much TV” and came up with an interesting article over at The Minimalist.

This particular reason for not watching TV resonated with me:

It is taking you away from the real people all around you. The characters on television are not real. They are thought up in an office building and given life on a piece of paper. In contrast, you are surrounded everyday by real people living real lives. These real people are facing real problems. They need you. And you need them.

Have you ever met people who can’t seem to talk about anything other than what they saw on TV?  I meet them all the time.  How much of our lives do we waste watching fake stories about fake people, soaking up advertising slogans and piss-poor values, rather than living our own lives, getting to know real people, and thinking our own thoughts?

Read the whole article here.  (Skip the stupid comments; they seem to be unmoderated.)

9 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Kill Your Television

  1. “Have you ever met people who can’t seem to talk about anything other than what they saw on TV?” Malestream feMANism is all about this. Check out Bitch Flicks, Bitch Magazine, Feminist Frequency etc etc. Liberal feminism is obsessed with pop culture to a weird degree.

  2. I do know people who seem to be obsessed with what they watch on television. I watch it sometimes, but not so frequently that it takes time away from the real world around me. I watch things that interest me, and I usually watch things that give me new perspectives and insight. I watch news on current events, documentaries, or fiction shows that I think are well-acted (Breaking Bad, for example). I try to watch things that give me inspiration or teach me something.

    • There’s some useful stuff on TV occasionally. Documentaries and things like that. My point wasn’t to make people feel bad about watching, merely to point out that TV is addictive, and we as a society depend on it way too much.

      • I totally agree. It can be incredibly addicting. It also worries me when kids watch television too much. It becomes a habit, and children need to learn how to entertain themselves without television. Our society definitely depends on it too much. We become disconnected from the real world because of it.

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