About Exiled Stardust

An Exiled Star happens when a multiple star system gets too close to a black hole. One of the stars gets captured.  The other star, suddenly released from its gravitational bond, goes flying at tremendous velocity right out of the galaxy, where it will wander alone in deep space until it burns out.  Exiled stars are also called by their more scientific name of Hypervelocity Stars.

My portfolio site is called Exiled Star and it’s just pictures of some of my art.

What you’re reading now is my blog, Exiled Stardust, and it has some of my art plus some other people’s art plus thoughts on various cultural subjects.

The art on this blog doesn’t objectify women, on accounta I have some pretty strong views on that subject.

Most of it is abstract, some of it’s representational;  none of it involves nudity, however “tasteful”, or sexual exploitation.  I’m not offended by bodies, but I am offended by the way women are routinely sexualized and humilated in this culture, and I won’t participate in offering up their bodies to the male gaze.

Although this isn’t a woman-only blog, the ratio of woman/man stuff is about 80%/20%.   Though I sympathize with seperatists, I’m not one myself. Sometimes I’ll talk about male artists.  And male commenters are allowed, as long as they don’t break my one and only rule for posting:  don’t be an asshole.

Also, all of the rules on this blog pretty much apply to mine, except for the first one.  I’ve got far less patience with people who stop by my blog to tell me how much they personally enjoy oppression than Nine Deuce does, and they’ll get short shrift round these parts.

No woman-hating crap on my blog, ever.  And no woman-hating art either.   This I vow.

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