Sundays with Clyfford Still: My half-assed tribute

So I just spent a week or so as the involuntary guest of the government of a small Balkan country.  They were rash enough to allow me the use of a set of watercolors.

Those who haven’t much experience with painting might not know this, but watercolors are actually the hardest kind of paint to master.   That free, spontaneous look they have?  Takes a ton of planning, practice, and “saving whites”.  Oils are a cinch by comparison.  With oils, you can scrape off your mistakes before they dry.

Anyway, here’s one of my prison paintings, entitled “Half-Assed Tribute to Clyfford Still”.

Half-Assed Tribute to Clyfford Still, by M.K. Hajdin

The photo quality is half-assed, too.  Just to keep up with the half-assed spirit of things.

Sleepless In Krakow

Krakow, Poland:  Here I am.

I survived the train to Maribor, hitching for hours in the hot sun, finally getting a ride to Graz with a nice Serb family, and finally taking the Austrian Railjet to Vienna.  I walked round Vienna for a while, toting this huge painting, and finally was crammed into a bus along with a bunch of noisy Poles for a nightmarishly long and sleepless ride to Krakow.  The painting survived this hellish trip with a minimum of damage.

Now that I’m here, my friend (the one I am giving the painting to) says she can’t put me up for the next three days and she can’t find anyone who can.   Lovely!

I have tons of photos, but they need to be resized before I can post them.

Also, there is a big Sunday market here in Krakow, and my favorite restaurant wasn’t open yet so I went down to the market to get some food.  I met some hungry looking guys there scrounging around the trash cans eating leftovers and I gave them enough money to get a meal.  They were really happy.

Interesting tree in Krakow’s central market square.

I will write in lots more detail about everything I saw and did.  But this is just to let you all know I got as far as Krakow and so far, I’m okay.  And probably my karma has gone up by +1.


A tree grows in Brezice

Tree in front of housing project in Brezice.  I am really busy this week, readers, so I must fob you off with my random photographs.

Tree in front of Brezice housing project

Housing projects in Brezice are not that bad