I have a new site, part II



I have a new website, mkhajdin.com, but for some reason it’s not turning up when I google myself.  Instead, I get my Twitter and this blog!   So once again, in case you got here by googling “M.K. Hajdin”, or even “MK Hajdin” as they prefer in the UK (what is it with their dislike of periods?  Anyway) that link will take you straight to my new site, where my artworks are all a lot bigger.  Go there.

If you’re just here for my feminist posts or Clyfford Still, you’re fine.

Spam of the Day

Because this was just too good to keep to myself.

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hold out your gems change in your walk.

I’ll hold out my gems and change my walk.  That should impress simultaneously.

Eric Joyce and the painting: now with proof

Red, Purple, Green by M.K. Hajdin

This is the painting. Red, Purple, Green by M.K. Hajdin

I said I had proof that Eric Joyce MP wanted my painting “Red, Purple, Green”, that he chose the colors and the size of it, and that he meant to display it in his parliamentary office.  Here is that proof.

Ordinarily I would not publish someone’s emails or Twitter DMs without their permission, unless they were abusive.  But either Joyce or his girlfriend India Knight is implying that I am a liar, and this is the only way I can prove that what I said was true.

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Best of the Spam Filter, June 2013

Mmmm. Spam ‘n’ beans.

Last time I did a post about the wacky and wonderful spam I get, it all seemed to be coming from Brazil.  Now all the links seem to be Polish.

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Ungrateful Oik is ungrateful for this

Because we all love stories about people behaving badly:

Alas, unloved painting:  "Red, Purple, Green" by M.K. Hajdin

Alas, unloved painting: “Red, Purple, Green” by M.K. Hajdin

Postal tracking shows the (rolled) painting has arrived at the office of Ungrateful Oik.   Although I emailed him instructions for unrolling and mounting the artwork, he has not replied nor has he bothered to thank me for this gift, worth over 1500 pounds British sterling.

The painting was made to his specifications about size, colors, et cetera and he had said before (back when he was speaking to me) that he absolutely loved it.

I’ve seen him online, tweeting to other people, but ignoring me.

He’s a public figure.  I’m tempted to reveal his name.  Oik.


(Edited to add:  I did reveal it.  Here’s the entire story.)

In which I eat yogurt, and decipher mysterious label

I got no painting done yesterday because I had to go out to the store.   Because the sun was shining, this turned out to be a hot and tiring 5 km trek and the sun was down by the time I got back.

Anyway, whilst out I bought this carton of yogurt.
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Art quote of the day: Hundreds of artists battle alone

Black Red Green by M.K. Hajdin

Detail of Black, Red, Green by M.K. Hajdin

Hundreds of artists still battle alone in studios to make authentic work that does not need a curator to explain it. Where are they?

Here I am.  Hi there.

Quote is from this excellent piece in the FT Times, which you should go read right now.

Artwork of the Day: Liz Miller

Liz Miller

From Illusive Insurgency, exhibition by Liz Miller. Source


In llusive Insurgency, Miller offers a narrative about the contemporary “dilemma of unchecked growth.” Miller’s shapes and forms suggest the profound beauty of flora-like forms…

Read the rest of the exhibition material here.

To me they look like strange, rather beautiful tumors.

Liz Miller’s website is here.

Artwork of the Day: Sarah Sudhoff

Trigger warning:  images of fabric stained with human bodily fluids in this post.  Apologies to anyone who finds it offensive, but to me this work is important and useful.
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