Poll: Chernobyl or not to Chernobyl? That is the question.

After vainly attempting to get a visa out of  the evil Russian consul in Ljubljana, I have given up my hope of going to St. Petersburg, Russia for my birthday in late May.  So I’m going to the Ukraine, a country I haven’t seen before.

Chernobyl control room

Chernobyl  Nuclear Power Plant Control Room

I’m going the cheapest way possible through Krakow, to Polish border, then from Lvov to Kiev.  Maybe I will stop in Odessa on the way back, but I don’t think I have time to see the Crimea.  I’d better hurry if I want to get out of there before the Eurocup hordes descend on the place.

Anyway, in Kiev I’ll have the opportunity to tour Chernobyl for a day.  It’s supposed to be very interesting, but at nearly $200, very very expensive for a starving artist like me.  To give you perspective:  I travel on an absolute shoestring, and I’ll be spending less than $200 on the whole rest of the trip.  But this may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I leave it to you, internet:

Should I go?  Or not?

Poll: What should I do with this weird Christmas gift?

Merry Christmas, you punk-ass bitches.

I need your help.

Last night while I was getting drunk with my landlady, she gave me a dish of something I can’t entirely identify. I’m kinda scared of it.

Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat

I’m pretty sure it came from a pig originally, but I’m not sure what part, and I’m not sure how long it hasn’t been refrigerated, or how to cook it, or what.

You decide its fate!