Art question of the day: “Where’s YOUR paintings, M?”

Imagine that you and I are lounging around in my front room, on a comfy imaginary suede sofa and finishing off a bottle of dry white wine.   Imagine that it’s some other season than the dead of winter, or we would be huddled in misery over an electric underblanket rather than lounging.

My imaginary couch

My imaginary couch, though it would be a lighter color and not have Coco Chanel draped all over it

After looking around at all the half-finished paintings on my walls, you might ask me:

“M., your dedication to Clyfford Still borders on obsession and you blog about other artists, your balcony, and people’s handwriting.  But you’re an artist, and this is supposed to be  your art blog.  Right?  So where’s your art? Don’t tell us your portfolio at, because there’s only like 4 pictures in it.  Where are all the rest?”

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Why I call myself “Exiled Star”

“Exiled” stars happen when a multiple star system gets too close to a black hole.  When one of the stars gets sucked into the black hole,  the gravitational pull on the other star(s) becomes so great that when the connection between the stars is finally severed from falling into the hole, it acts like a cosmic slingshot.

The other star or stars are catapulted away from the black hole…at such a velocity that they can escape the galaxy.

Those stars will wander in space until they eventually burn out.

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Why make art? Richard Serra at SFMOMA

In a short interview at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Richard Serra explains his view of the process.

My own experience has been almost the opposite:  I always thought real life was my alternate existence.  Reality was that tedious thing that had to be got through in order to spend a few hours or minutes living my true life.

Maybe growing up in a bitterly dysfunctional environment helped to shape that experience, though.  I used my creative ability to escape.  I still do.

Reality isn’t good enough for me.

Why do artists make art?  Share your thoughts below.