Quote of the Day: Objectification


Women are still effectively being punished for being female, and in so many ways. One of the most significant and far-reaching issues is the objectification of female bodies. It’s a feature of most, if not all, cultures. In the best case scenario objectification riddles us with shame, in the worst instances it brutalises us. I truly believe that no woman is free of it, we have all, at some point, felt obligated to contort our minds and bodies into society’s vision of Girl and Woman. And all the while we have to carry on with the work that’s been designated to us by a world that defines femininity in the most rigid of ways.

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I was reading an article about how some women artists redesigned female comic book/video game characters to look less objectified and sexualized.  The art was great.  The text was so wishy-washy about feminism, so nearly apologetic, so bending over backwards to reassure pissy, entitled males that no, no one is trying to take away their sexxxy laydeez and that women like to be sexxxy laydeez sometimes because it empowerfulizes them and that this redesign in no way means to challenge that.  It was sad.

No woman should ever apologize for being a feminist.  If men can’t take it, let them go fuck themselves.

No man who is a halfway decent human being would be threatened by feminism, because halfway decent human beings know they’re living in a viciously unfair world and don’t object to efforts made to level the playing field.  Unfortunately, the conditioning process men go through to become men often renders them less than halfway decent human beings.  Nevertheless there are those who resist this conditioning and do get what feminism is about.  You won’t find them whining in the comments section of feminist blogs.

Quote of the Day: Fantasy


Batman by M.K. Hajdin


“People with narcissistic thinking and behavior strive to defend their fragile self esteem through fantasy and have blind spots in their thinking. Living in a fantasy world where all their needs are met and unrealistic expectations take the place of life. They become involved in material things, vanity, and are shallow developing excessive life long interest in things that are not real such as movies, rock stars, soap operas and video games.  [I would add comic books and pornography. — MKH] They fear their feelings, gaining deep friendships and intimacy and cannot develop mature love relationships. ”

Lynne Namka, Ed. D. “Selfishness and Narcissism in Family Relationships“.


I should add that of course I don’t think that every person who likes movies or comic books or video games is a narcissist living in a fantasy world.  I’m talking about people who immerse themselves totally in fantasy worlds for hours every day, and avoid real relationships with other people.

Women, Dilbert hates you

I see what you did there, Scott Adams:  Humorless bitches are always complaining about humiliation and disrespect, even though men are wise enough to know how trivial female perspectives are.

The men who read this strip will nod sagely and share a dudely bonding moment with you.  Together, you will feel smug in your male privilege.

Disrespect!  Hahahahaha!  Humiliation!  Hehehehehe!

Hate women much?  Why yes, you do.