Flowers on the balcony

Violets and pansies in windowboxes on the balcony.

Traveler Digital Camera



The view from my balcony, May 7, 2013

Here’s the view from my balcony this afternoon.

View from my balcony, 7 May 2013

View from my balcony, 7 May 2013

Also, some views of my balcony garden.

White petunias on the windowsill

White petunias on the windowsill

And some more petunias about to bloom very soon:

Blue Star petunias about to bloom

Blue Star petunias about to bloom

The humble petunia:  so much happiness in such a small, cheap, easy-to-grow package.

Artwork of the Day: Charlotte Segal

Charlotte Segal

Black Orchid #2 Blue Violet, oil on canvas by Charlotte Segal.  Source

I like the nocturnal color palette.

Woman Made Gallery focuses on the work of women artists.  Check out their website here.


Today I’ve been invited to Brezice again to visit Ozara.  They’ll be picking up trash along the road,  and I will support them in this unglamorous but environmentally friendly task.

In the meantime, I leave you with one of my recent experiments in close-up floral photography.   This one turned out fairly well in spite of my rotten little camera.

I loved primroses even before I knew what they were called.  They aren’t native to the western U.S., so when I came to Europe I had never seen them before.  The way they suddenly appear in the grass and turn it into what looks like a green and yellow Persian carpet is magical.


Primroses a-bloom in the woods