Handwriting analysis of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe writing

Marilyn Monroe writing in her journal

A new book of Marilyn Monroe’s unpublished writing has come out, with many images of her handwritten thoughts. I was fascinated by what her writing revealed; here is a quick interpretation.

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Handwriting analysis: the key to my painting issues?

scrap of paper from my desk

Exhibit A: handwriting sample from self

A scrap of paper from my desk, upon which I attempted to describe the problems I have had lately with expressing ideas in painting.

Somewhere between imagination and reality, I start to lose things

I have an idea shimmering in my head, but when I try to force it out into the world, it becomes a mangled mess.  I get frustrated and look for something else to distract myself for a while.

It’s interesting to look at people’s handwriting, isn’t it?  Especially now that letter-writing is practically a lost art.

I used to do handwriting analysis.  My own writing says that I’m a quick thinker, introspective, artistic,  slightly anxious, and like research and investigation.

Want a quick handwriting analysis for free?  Take a photo of something you wrote and post a link to it below.   I like doing this kind of thing.