Best of the Spam Filter, June 2013

Mmmm. Spam ‘n’ beans.

Last time I did a post about the wacky and wonderful spam I get, it all seemed to be coming from Brazil.  Now all the links seem to be Polish.

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The worst curse I can think of

Revenge of the Goldfish

Revenge of The Goldfish, by Sandy Skoglund, 1981. Source

  • May there be something gritty in your lip balm.
  • May it make your lips gritty every time you put some lip balm on.
  • May you try to rub the grit off onto a paper towel or something, only to find the grit more deeply embedded in the balm than before.
  • May you try to scrape off the grit with a knife, taking off a big chunk of balm, and think you got the grit out, only to discover the next time you apply the balm to your lips that your lips were still gritty from the last application of gritty lip balm and now your stick of lip balm is all gritty again.
  • May this be the last stick of lip balm in the entire house.