Karma: my thoughts exactly

Okay, I’m too busy to write anything interesting, but had a few moments to kill over on Pinterest and found this:

Source: dictoot.com via M.K. on Pinterest



I’m going to put this on a T-shirt and send it to my new hero, Eric Joyce.

On second thought, it’s a bit girly looking for a dude, better to wear it myself.

(The only thing I don’t understand is why he apologized.  Is that a usual thing in the UK?  I don’t understand why anyone would be sorry at all for headbutting Tories.  Sorry that he only got two of them,  while the rest continued their devil’s work of disemboweling the NHS and slashing benefits for disabled people, maybe, but I don’t pretend to understand British politics.   We Americans don’t apologize for anything, so I wouldn’t know jack about being sorry.  Can some local person clarify the situation?)