I am bomb fragments and broken concrete

I wanted to post something more insightful today, but I still feel like I’ve just been through a bomb blast and am crawling over broken concrete.

All I have to give you, reader, is another pictorial representation of the paper factory in Krsko.  Take it as a visual metaphor for the way I’m feeling.

Paper factory in Krsko

That's my soul up there


“But, M., ” I can hear you say, “your soul is pure GLAMOUR!”

Art in Unexpected Places: the head of Jaroslav Stovicek

From the Krsko cemetery, where I went yesterday, here is the bronze head of Jaroslav Štoviček.  Vladimir Štoviček was a famous sculptor and medallist from Krsko.

Head of Jaroslav Stovicek

From Stovicek family grave in Krsko

Krsko, the glamour capital of eastern Europe

… and here’s the proof.

The Glamour of Krsko

The Krsko paper factory is ground zero for GLAMOUR

Don’t hate me ’cause I get to look at sheer fabulousness like this every time I go to Krsko to buy cat food.  It’s just part of the wild, free, romantic life of adventure that expat artists get to live every day.