The view from my balcony, 2012 edition. Now with more chickens

Last night it was foggy and there was the lamest excuse for fireworks ever in the history of Eastern Europe.

Today was sunny and nice, so here’s a good view from my balcony.

Happy New Year!

View from my balcony, the first of 2012

While standing out on the balcony taking this picture, I looked down to see my landlady’s chickens roaming and clucking around.  So here is some chickeny goodness.


View of chickens from the balcony

You’re welcome, world.

The view from my balcony #4 (Christmas edition)

View from my balcony on Christmas 2011

The view from my balcony, Christmas afternoon

Last night I had insomnia again, so I stayed up until 4 AM watching the most amazing film.  The. Most. Amazing. Film.  It was so good it hurt, and I still feel bruised.   I would tell you all about it, but I’m so churned up inside I can’t write about it yet.  All my words are stuck together in the doorway of my brain.

But I know you are all curious to see what it looks like outside my window, so here’s the view from my balcony today.

The view from my balcony #3

The view from my balcony on December 18, 2011

The view from my balcony #3

It is a dark Sunday morning.  The snow from yesterday didn’t stick.

My landlord has done something dire to a pig and there are entrails all over the yard.    At least I kept them out of the photo.

The view from my balcony #1

The view from my balcony, December 11, 2011

I have been reading through my Twitter pal Brendan‘s guide to taking better digital photos (you can get a copy here) and taking his advice.  To get this shot I propped my cheap-ass point’n’shoot digital camera up against the doorframe and used the Av mode.