Artwork of the Day: Erma Martin Yost

Untitled by Erma Martin Yost.  Source

Untitled, 1975, by Erma Martin Yost.  Source

Trained as a painter but now working primarily with textiles,  Erma Martin Yost’s website is here.

I focus primarily on the work of women artists here at Exiled Stardust. I only feature works that don’t objectify women’s bodies. I like abstract work so I feature a lot of it, but I suppose I could as easily feature realistic landscapes.

Lyrical Abstraction of the Day: Terry Chipp

Okay, the lines are a little angular to be 100% lyrical, but close enough.

Deep, brooding, oceanic atmosphere broken up by strange angular structures that look like sticks bound together.  Love the iridescent effect of the background.

See more of Terry Chipp’s art at his website.

Painting by Terry Chipp

05.05.06 by Terry Chipp, acrylic on board, 120 x 120cm

Lyrical Abstraction of the Day: Arlene Isbister

Painting by Arlene Isbister

Painting by Arlene Isbister. Photo: Richard Jobson


This painting, whose title I don’t know,  is by Arlene Isbister, an artist from the Orkney Islands in Scotland.   I wanted to know more about her,  but despite much Googling, I could not find any other photos of her work, except these:

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Lyrical Abstraction of the Day: Clyfford Still

It began as asubgenre of Abstract Expressionism.  It was once a pejorative term but is now considered historically accurate.   It involves a turning away from hard geometric shapes and thinly applied paint toward curvilinear shapes and sensuously thick paint.

What is it? Read more to see