100 Minutes of Misogyny: A review of a preview

So I’m watching a preview for a Croatian movie called Sto minuta Slave, or 100 Minutes of Glory, about the life of painter Slava Raškaj.  (Her last name’s pronounced something like Rash-key.  Her first name also means “glory”, so the title of the film is a pun.)

Slava Raškaj

Slava Raškaj, self-portrait

Raškaj is known as the greatest watercolorist in Croatian art.  Deaf since birth, she studied art in Vienna (Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time) and painted her most famous watercolors in the Botanical Gardens in Zagreb.  There are a couple of them in the Modern Art Gallery in Zagreb.  Other than this, there is damn little material available about her or her life.

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Women, the makers of “Skyfall” hate you

Angry Red Women by Brandi Elkin

Angry Red Women by Brandi Elkin

James Bond movies are all about male fantasy, and we live in a culture where women are violently dominated by men, so it doesn’t surprise me to learn that the new film Skyfall is misogynist.

We’re all used to the cavalier Bond creatively foiling super-sexxay ladyvillains. That isn’t enough to keep the lead in Dude Nation’s pencil any more. The movie franchise wants to keep their money-maker relevant, so they’re doing so by kicking the woman-hatey crap up a notch.

Bond is a rapist now.

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Wayland’s encore

This just in!!

Richard Jobson

Richard Jobson looking very serious

Wayland’s Song, the new film by punk turned film director Richard Jobson is already wrapped.  But I’ve just heard from Jobson that he is still shooting more footage on a train today – he explained it was for more “nourish effect”.  I asked him why he is still shooting, and he breezily answered, “Never finished”.

The man is obsessed.  I can respect that.  I may never know what “nourish effect” means, though.

Update #2!! (July 27th)

Richard just told me that the character of Wayland,  played by Michael Nardone, is an epileptic.

Here you can read about what I know about Wayland’s Song up to today.

Jobson has two websites that I know of:  No Bad Films and RichardJobson.com.

– Signing off as M.K. Hajdin,  Richard Jobson’s unofficial publicist.

Clowns with Klout driving around in Gary Numan’s cars to sound of steel drums. Directed by Richard Jobson

I was talking with Daniel Swensen, who is the funniest guy in the world and who also has a fantasy novel coming out called Orison.   We are both mystified by the workings of Klout.  Our search for the truth about social media led us into a dark, ominous, disturbingly amusing carnival of the damned.

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