The view from my balcony #17 – Neverending Blizzard Edition

It’s still snowing here, folks.  Hundreds of people dead in the Balkans so far.  Makes me wonder what’s happened to the people I saw sleeping in abandoned buildings in Mostar.  Those buildings still had live ammunition lodged in them and weren’t safe to be in, but there were people sleeping in them anyway.  Awful poverty in Bosnia. Makes me feel a little guilty to sit here on my electrically heated ass complaining because I can’t get to the supermarket.

Anyway, here is what my balcony looks like this morning.

Snowy view from a snowy balcony

More snow than ever

..and my palette, buried under the balcony snow

Snow on balcony

Palette still under there somewhere

The view from my balcony #16 – Stop Snowing Already Dammit edition

View from my balcony

View from my balcony, now with snowier flowerboxes

Yes, it is snowing AGAIN.

On Friday I was out shopping, but neglected to buy enough food, because I couldn’t carry it along with the electric blanket (you should know that I walk everywhere, so I am limited to what I can carry over long distances).  Also I had just eaten.  You know how they always tell you to shop when you’re full so you don’t buy too much food?  That advice works too well.  I was so stuffed I didn’t want to look at any food, so I bought almost nothing, then I get home and am HUNGRY.

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The view from my balcony #14 – South Pole edition

Okay, it’s not really the South Pole.  I’m sure the South Pole would be a lot warmer.  I’m thinking of booking a holiday there to get away from the cold.

I was supposed to go out for more provisions today and in search of the ever-elusive electric blanket (I have one on my bed, but I want one for my writing chair, so I can blog without freezing), but one look outside the window convinced me I am not going anywhere today unless I want my frozen corpse to be found a mere eleven miles from my supply camp.  (Yes, I am obsessed with R. F. Scott.)

Looking out my back door

Snow on my flowerboxes

My palette's under there somewhere

My palette's under there somewhere

More snow on the balcony

I was going to write something else here but I think my neurons are frozen too.