In which I vandalize more vintage Antarctic photos

Scott discovering the Norwegians' tent at the South Pole

Captain Scott discovering the Norwegians beat him to the South Pole, 1911

Because it was FREEZING yesterday and it is FREEZING today, and I will probably be too busy frantically thawing myself under the electric blanket to post anything useful, here is a 101-year-old photo of about the only person who was ever colder than  you and I are right now.

For those of you who didn’t pay attention in history class, this is Robert Falcon Scott.  He not only got beaten in the race to the South Pole, but perished horribly along with all his companions pictured here on the way back, from starvation and cold.

Vintage Penguins of the Day

Adelie Penguins by H.G. Ponting

Adelie Penguins by H.G. Ponting, 1911

H.G. Ponting was the photographer for Captain Robert Falcon Scott‘s last expedition to the Antarctic.    He took some of the most amazing  photographs, including this one of Adelie penguins jumping out of the ocean and onto an ice floe.  These little penguins can jump up to ten feet.