The view from my balcony: December 9 2012

Balcony December 9th 2012

Balcony December 9th 2012

Snowed in. Send help! All I have left to eat is cookies.

Also the house is freezing. A little less freezing than last year because we have a new boiler, but still freezing!


A view of my world, now with 100% less balcony

The sun going down over the trees

Rural Slavic road in winter


You’ve seen this road near my house before, but I think this picture turned out better.   Taken while walking to town in search of provisions.  The fields all around silent and serene under their glittering quilt of snow.

The view from my balcony #3

The view from my balcony on December 18, 2011

The view from my balcony #3

It is a dark Sunday morning.  The snow from yesterday didn’t stick.

My landlord has done something dire to a pig and there are entrails all over the yard.    At least I kept them out of the photo.

The view from my balcony #2

There was a storm last night.  The rain beat down violently on the roof and windows; I was afraid the power would go out, as it usually does, but it didn’t.

Sometime during the night the rain turned to snow.  It’s the first snow of the season.

View from my balcony December 17, 2011

The view from my balcony on December 17, 2011

The view from my balcony #1

The view from my balcony, December 11, 2011

I have been reading through my Twitter pal Brendan‘s guide to taking better digital photos (you can get a copy here) and taking his advice.  To get this shot I propped my cheap-ass point’n’shoot digital camera up against the doorframe and used the Av mode.