Artwork of the Day: East Gate by Stefania Nesi

East Gate by Stefania Nesi.

East Gate by Stefania Nesi. (Source)

You can read more about Italian painter Stefania Nesi here.

Portraits of Women Painting from the 1800s

 Berthe Morisot (French artist, 1841-1895) Self-Portrait 1885

This blog features a series of portraits of women painters, mostly from the 1800s, like the self-portrait of Morisot shown above.  Do have a look.

Artwork of the Day: Jessie Fair

Fiber art by Jessie Fair

Fiber art by Jessie Fair

In my current fine art work, Growth Series, I explore the meandering travels, patterns and textures of consuming growth. I am drawn to lush environments in which natural foliage has grown to envelop a space. Mosses, lichens and grasses become agents of transformation; they cover the surface like a blanket and seem to radiate with life.

—  Jessie Fair

Read more here about the work of Jessie Fair.

Jessie Fair’s website is here.

Artwork of the Day: Shelby McQuilkin

“Arrival” , oil by Shelby McQuilkin.

When this came up on Twitter I saw only the bottom half of it, which I really like as an abstract composition.

Check out the original post on Shelby McQuilkin’s blog.