Illuminating the “Dark Matter” of the Art World

This is brilliant:

There are many parallels between the “physics of aesthetics” and the world of regular physics.  For example, astrophysicists tell us that within our own universe ninety percent of the material out there emits no light, and is therefore called “dark matter.”  Yet because of the huge amount of this “dark matter” it obviously produces the bulk of forces which though invisible, nevertheless shapes and influences the nature and destiny of our cosmos.

Likewise in our art universe most of the artists and their production are invisible to the broadest sections of society.


Read the rest of Loren Munk’s article here and have a look at his work.


A fine piece on Clyfford Still

I just found this when trawling the web and had to share it with you.


The flurry of jagged forms across this mural-sized painting seems to flutter and mesh at the same time.  With its massive scale and brutal fracture of blacks and reds and tiny flames of yellow and magenta at the periphery, the canvas appears formed more by the forces of nature than by pictorial logic.

Read the rest of the article by James Kalm here.

How to collect art: a guide

Dream Desert by M.K. Hajdin

Dream Desert by M.K. Hajdin



Well, I was going to write a blog about how to collect art, but Marianna Stark beat me to it.   Check out her guide here.  My favorite bit of advice?  “No rude noises.”



Crying far air not to be had


The Armoury Show

This is summer – some are watching
Understanding the promises
That drift away – they drift away
Nothing to share in low water
Over above an avalanche she falls away

This summer – some are August
Crying far air not to be had
Is this the way is this the way
More than enough move to the side
Watch him pass he passes by he gets away

If I could lose myself and dream away
Day upon day upon day upon day
In an avalanche she drifts away
Over its over its over its over

I wish we could be together
I wish we could be together again
Like a play on words


Quote of the Day: Defining Away Injustice


We’ve internalised the need to SAY some things are wrong – poverty, injustice, misogyny – but can’t bring ourselves to ACTUALLY condemn them.

So to resolve the cognitive dissonance we just define away every instance of injustice or misogyny we can do anything about. It’s tragic.

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The first thing that came up when I googled “Wanker painting”

Today on the web there has been a spate of liberal bloggers weighing in about why they won’t support banning rape p%rn.   (I’ve substituted a % sign instead of an O in a probably futile attempt to fend off p%rn seekers:  Sorry if you find it annoying.)

I won’t link to the various bloggers:  most of them have a bigger platform than I do.  Some of them work in the media and are getting retweeted all over the place, whereas maybe ten people are going to read this post.    Nevertheless, I know so many women who are quietly fuming about this that I have to say something.

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Britons, we need you

Lynn is a mother fighting to protect her son, who is in intensive care, and all other sick, disabled and vulnerable people in the UK.  They should not have to face the degrading process of being evaluated by ATOS – the company that decides dying people are fit to work.

With Lynn’s solution, vulnerable people need only get a note signed by their doctor – they don’t have to face ATOS at all.   It’s a simple, effective solution.

If you live in the UK, please do what you can to help protect the vulnerable. Please sign this petition.   Click over there and sign it now – it’s super easy and only takes a minute.