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 Please read if you wish to befriend me on Twitter.

So you want to be my Twitter friend.  Hey, that’s great.  Also, you’ve proven yourself willing to read a page full of nothing but text, so you’re way ahead of the game.

But would you and I get along?  Here’s how to tell.

When I first joined Twitter I followed everybody back.  But now my number of follows is overwhelming my feed, so I can’t do that any more.  I could just add everybody and not pay attention to my feed, but I don’t really want to do that.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like you.

I usually follow people who have something to do with art.   I also follow other people who for some reason appeal to me.   All I ask is that you interact with me occasionally and not churn out endless links like a spambot.  Oh, and don’t be sexist.

I don’t follow people who make sexist jokes or comments, as these things are not compatible with social justice.  I don’t follow artists who reinforce stereotypes about women, even unintentionally, or portray them as sexual objects (and that includes “tasteful” nudes). Because misogyny is not part of my balanced breakfast.

TL;DR version: I don’t follow purveyors of “erotic art”.

If you think that makes me some kind of prude,we’re unlikely to get along.

The right of women to be treated as fully human beings is not negotiable.

That means, it’s not “a difference of opinion” and I’m not going to “agree to disagree” about it.

Also, if you tweet every 10 seconds, tweet in a foreign language, try to push Damien Hirst, make me listen to a steel band playing a Joy Division cover, or generally turn out to be an ass, I’m not going to follow you.

If none of the above applies to you, we’re good!

I support Scottish independence.

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