Today I’ve been invited to Brezice again to visit Ozara.  They’ll be picking up trash along the road,  and I will support them in this unglamorous but environmentally friendly task.

In the meantime, I leave you with one of my recent experiments in close-up floral photography.   This one turned out fairly well in spite of my rotten little camera.

I loved primroses even before I knew what they were called.  They aren’t native to the western U.S., so when I came to Europe I had never seen them before.  The way they suddenly appear in the grass and turn it into what looks like a green and yellow Persian carpet is magical.


Primroses a-bloom in the woods

A tree grows in Brezice

Tree in front of housing project in Brezice.  I am really busy this week, readers, so I must fob you off with my random photographs.

Tree in front of Brezice housing project

Housing projects in Brezice are not that bad

Sycamores in Brezice

I went to Brezice yesterday to buy a chair.  Unfortunately the chair I wanted was no longer on sale, so I bought another one which was a bit inferior in quality but was a garden chair so I could put it out on the balcony.

I also got to wander around Brezice in the hot sun and eat kebabs.  Brezice is much less depressing than Krsko, because it is a spa town and has a lot of pretty architecture.  None of which can be seen in the photo below:

Sycamores in Brezice

Sycamores in Brezice

I’ve always loved sycamores.  Those dangly things (I am sure they have a name, I just don’t know what it is) seem to be left over from last year.  The building in back is a housing project, of which Brezice has many, but they’re also not as depressing as the ones in Krsko.  Brezice also has spectacular sunsets in summer, which we can’t see here because of hills in the way.  So spectacular I want to go there and paint them.  Only getting home would be a problem, because the last train home leaves before the sun is fully down.

Cafe in Brezice: what I did yesterday

Yesterday I went to Brezice to meet my friend L., who is teaching English there. They let him leave early, and we had lunch at a place called Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia cafe in Brezice

Narcissus peruses the menu


Sorry for the all caps.

When you see what I finally found, you’ll understand why.

electric blanket photo

At last!

..I found it at an IKEA-type knockoff store called JYSK in Brezice.

Brezice is a spa town not too far from here and less depressing than most rural Slavic towns because of having some neat old buildings from the Austrian empire.  It also has a dreary little mall called Intermarket.  In this mall is JYSK, which is an IKEA-type store only smaller and with even cheaper junk than IKEA (if that’s possible).  Seriously, how can IKEA have a cheap imitation?  But here they do.  There’s no real IKEA in this country.  I’m not sure why.

Anyway, blanket was found for 24 Euros and immediately bought.

So now old electric blanket (which was too small anyway) is now on my blog chair, keeping my butt warm, but my toes are still cold.  I am no longer FREEZING despite the inadequate heating of this house though, so I am grateful.