In which I am shunned

Scarlet Letter Y

Yoko's Revenge


It’s begun.

My anti-Yoko beliefs have enraged the world.

I am  cast out of the ranks of respectable humanity.  Not by a flood of hate mails, but by stony silence.  That’s right.  I’m being shunned.

I might as well wear a scarlet Y.

For the record, I don’t hate Yoko.  I just hate SPAM.

In which I Imagine the opposite of Peace, and tell inappropriate jokes

..because I still got snark left and I don’t know when to quit.

Inappropriate Joke Time:

Dick Cheney,  Dr. Evil, and Hitler’s ghost are all sitting around a big table in Cheney’s war room, outlining their plans for total world destruction.

(Yeah, I know Cheney is officially out of office, but he’s still secretly pulling the American government’s puppetstrings from his secret underground bunker)

Cheney and Dr. Evil are tweeting orders to their henchmen via their cell phones and Hitler’s ghost is sending tweets to some white supremacist dumbasses through an ouija board.

When on their Twitter timelines, mysterious and powerful words suddenly appear!  Only they can’t read those words, because they’re in Albanian.

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I have officially had it with Yoko Ono.

This will get me a bunch of hate tweets and/or ruin my art career.

But I can’t hold this back ANY LONGER.

For the last two days I have sat quietly fuming while my twitterfeed is bombarded with cryptic messages from Yoko Ono.  A few of them were in languages I understand, so eventually I deciphered the slogan IMAGINE PEACE.

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