Uniform Dating Threatens Legal Action Over Feminist Art

Woman makes satirical feminist art, gets threatened with lawsuit.

Organizing for Women's Liberation

Uniform Dating is a dating website aimed at uniformed services personnel such as firefighters, nurses, armed forces and police.

Feminist artist Nia Thomas created a piece that critiqued the website. It’s reproduced below.


Edinburgh-based online dating firm Cupid is now threatening legal action for this feminist critique.

legal action


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“Artists must be held to the same standard as anyone else”


Our celebrity culture with its obsession with “important men” doing “important art” is something we need to destroy…

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Me me me

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Too Much To Say For Myself

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read recently how feminism is all about a woman’s right to make her own choices in life, and quite frankly I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing it. “You can’t criticise prostitution or porn” goes the cry, “some women these days have chosen freely to take part in it. They’re empowered and liberated, all those things feminists have been fighting for for decades.”

It seems that no matter what the choice in question is, whether it’s to sell her body for sex, or whether it’s to submit to the man in her life, the very fact that a woman has made that choice, all by herself and without any sign of having been overtly coerced, means that as feminists we’re under some kind of sisterly obligation to respect it.

Well I’ve got news for you: no it fucking well doesn’t.

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