Some more sketches I made today

Too dark to paint, so I drew with my digital sketchpad.  I’m doing more geometric stuff.  Not my usual subject matter so it’s fun.



Uniform Dating Threatens Legal Action Over Feminist Art

Woman makes satirical feminist art, gets threatened with lawsuit.

Organizing for Women's Liberation

Uniform Dating is a dating website aimed at uniformed services personnel such as firefighters, nurses, armed forces and police.

Feminist artist Nia Thomas created a piece that critiqued the website. It’s reproduced below.


Edinburgh-based online dating firm Cupid is now threatening legal action for this feminist critique.

legal action


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“Artists must be held to the same standard as anyone else”


Our celebrity culture with its obsession with “important men” doing “important art” is something we need to destroy…

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So why DID Asda think a mental patient Halloween costume would be okay?

An idea for a truly scary mental-patient Halloween costume.


So, fellow mental patients, just how mad should we be getting about Asda’s Halloween “mental patient fancy dress costume,” complete with strait jacket, fake blood and cleaver? After all, the supermarket has now apologised for any upset caused, withdrawn the item from sale and promised to donate “a sizeable amount” to Mind. So no point going psycho now. Let’s all calm down, keep taking the tablets and leave the normal people alone.

Given the degree to which mental health stigma has seeped into our everyday language, it’s not all that surprising when retailers think it’s okay to make fancy dress costumes based on The Mad. You can see how it happens. The mentally ill, when they’re not being dismissed as everyday malingerers, tend to assume a mythical status. They’re lurking in the shadows, never to be seen in broad daylight. How can you offend a thing that isn’t even…

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