She’s lost control again

File this fragment under “accidental film critic reviews”
Just saw the Joy Division biopic. Although there were some good bits in it, I was disappointed. I’d give anything for a really good film about Joy Division, but this wasn’t it. It’s still worth watching for any serious fan of the band, but not to be taken overly seriously.

If I had .05 for every gratuitious auteur shot involving a cigarette in that film, I’d be rich now.

Longer review to come.

Joy Division Christmas lyrics: “Wilderness”

The Joy Division Christmas Special was a great success; now I’ve got a bunch of their lyrics burned into my brain, in particular these:

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The Joy Division Christmas Special

I’m not a holiday kind of person generally.   Enforced merriment gets on my nerves.  At Christmas I like to lie around on the floor and listen to hours and hours of Joy Division.

If that sounds better to you than a meaningless commercialized excuse for capitalistic overconsumption, you might enjoy this Youtube playlist I created just for the occasion.


“Shadowplay” by Joy Division, Reanimated

I just found this on Rhizome and was completely blown away.  It’s an animation by Yoshi Sodeoka.


“This video project was inspired by the famous album cover art of 1979 album, Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” designed by Peter Saville. Original video footage is from Joy Division’s TV performance of “Shadowplay” on Granada Reports. The video footage was animated with the same topographic style of the album cover design.”  (Rhizome)
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