No More Page 3: another Jezebel

Teen Poison by frizzyblue

Feminist Art Series 3 by deviantART user frizzyblue.    Source

Still oppose the Sun’s Page 3 with all my heart, but I’m sending back my t-shirt after reading what Lucy-Anne Holmes is up to next: trying to flog “woman-friendly” p%rn.

No,  Lucy.  Just,  NO.

There is no woman-friendly exploitation of a subhuman sex class.  Go back to Feminism 101 and start over.  Or take a shortcut and read Nine Deuce’s blog, every last scrap of it.

There is no way to support women while you’re exploiting them.  There is no p%rn that doesn’t exploit.  Porn reinforces the ideological structure of a society based on violent male dominance.  Even gay p%rn.  Even “feminist” p%rn.

*by “another Jezebel”, I am referring to the quasi-feminist website that lures women in with some actual feminist perspectives, then once it’s got women’s attention, tries to subvert the feminist paradigm by sneaking in all kinds of antifeminist crap like beauty products, fashion and p%rn

** % substituted for the letter o to keep the p%rnsick masses off my feminist blog

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