L’viv: Baroque beauty, broken sidewalks

After taking the train from Krakow to Przemysl, which took all day, and then a bus from Przemysl to L’viv which took three hours on top of that, it was dark by the time I got to L’viv.   I couldn’t find the address of the person I was to stay with, so I ended up walking around L’viv all night long in the rain. It was green, leafy and beautiful, but the sidewalks were so broken in places that they looked like pieces of a puzzle.   It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not been dragging my heavy luggage with me all the way.   Finally I found a hostel that would let me in at 4 am and I crashed there.   It was a very rough introduction to L’viv.

Lviv train station in the rain

L’viv is actually a very pretty, pleasant city.  Unique among Ukranian cities because of its baroque architecture that rivals that of Krakow.

Streets of Lviv

Here is a cute young street musician singing a song about capitalism.  I gave him a few Ukrainian gryivnas.   He smiled shyly at me when he realized I was filming him.

I found the prices here about 30% lower than in Kiev.   Food, hostel, everything was cheaper and less crowded.   You could get a tasty, filling meal of Ukranian food plus a tall glass of excellent Ukranian beer for $6-$7 total.

Delicious Ukranian food at Puzata Khata

I’ll be back.  And not just because I forgot my slippers at the hostel.

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