Snowy Branch of the Day

I went to Krsko yesterday in search of that electric blanket.  Only to find that it was a holiday – France Preseren Day – and all the shops were closed.  I went to this pizza place that also makes Mexican food, or what Slovenes think Mexican food is, which really isn’t much like Mexican food at all, although the American version of Mexican food isn’t really authentic either – and had a nice meal, so it wasn’t a total loss.

And I got some lovely photos.  The snow was perfect powder – I walked around in it in my non-waterproof, non-snow boots and didn’t even get my feet wet.  Probably it stayed so perfect because it was too cold to melt.

Branch in snow

Branch in the snow


3 thoughts on “Snowy Branch of the Day

  1. Beautiful. I love knowing that you can get pizza and Mexican food in Slovenia! This is one of those parts of the world I know nothing about, so your fun little journal-type posts I find incredibly enlightening.

    Hope you get that electric blanket soon!

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